Scrum Compass


The Scrum Compass cards are based on the Scrum Guide. Cards contain the accountabilities of the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master. Additionally, the deck contains the accountabilities of the manager operating in the Scrum team environment.

Although the Scrum Guide itself does not mention the role of the manager, the role of the manager does not disappear. The character of this role changes. This is confirmed by many Scrum implementations.

The primary purpose of the Scrum Compass is to help Scrum practitioners apply Scrum principles properly. Cards are used to educate people who want or already use Scrum to make products or provide services.

The Scrum Compass does not impose the rules of application described in the accountability cards. However, their application increases the chances of success. If you have a role in the Organization, you can use the blank cards to add these accountabilities (option available only on printed cards).


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Tomek Pawlak
Scrum Master
Tomek is a Scrum Master since 2013. He helps companies to improve quality and build a friendly working environment. One in which commitment, productivity and development become achievable!
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