Jira Goes Scrum Workshop


What does it do?

The Jira Goes Scrum board offers a sophisticated, 2-day workshop template that helps new or soon-to-be Scrum teams to build a solid knowledge base about how to implement the Scrum way of working with the help of Miro and Jira.

What problems does it solve?

Going agile overnight...did no one ever.

This template gives you helpful guidance in order to make your first steps towards implementing Scrum methods with a dedicated 2-days workshop.

Use this template in order to:

  • Learn the basics of Scrum methodology

  • Train the newly learned knowledge with helpful exercises

  • Start building your new Scrum way of working with the help of Jira + Miro

  • Become a truly agile team and get everyone on board

  • After having gone through the 2 days of the workshop, you will be ready in terms of mind- as well as skillset to successfully roll out the new agile way of working within your team.

Who is it for?

This template is made for teams that would like to start their agile journey with the help of Miro and Jira. It is most helpful for:

  • Small teams (1-6 people recommended)

  • Jira/Atlassian users.


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