User Research Debrief & Synthesis


This board is designed for teams to debrief and synthesize after user research projects.

It offers two different sessions:

  • 30 minute debrief that can be used after each research session,

  • a larger synthesis board to be used at the end of a project.

The ease of having both debrief and synthesis on the same board enables teams to move faster through synthesis at the end of a project. The blank template consists of instructions and timeboxing suggestions, and an easy way to highlight the most important information from research sessions.

Not only does this make synthesis easier for researchers, but it allows stakeholders to effectively and efficiently join the synthesis process (or even do it on their own)!


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Nikki Anderson
Founder@User Research Academy
Expert dog-petter and qualitative user researcher. Looking to make the world an easier place for researchers through templates and guides!
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