Persona Workshop


In this persona workshop, your team develops descriptions of prototypical users of your product based on user research and prior knowledge about the users. It takes about 90 - 120 min. It works best with 3 - 12 participants.

Why you should conduct a persona workshop:

A persona workshop is a great way to collect everything the team knows about the (potential) users and to make this knowledge tangible for the whole team. This is crucial for building a product with a great user experience. The personas can be used as the basis for further methods like customer journey mappings. You might also find out gaps you have to close with further research (like user interviews on certain aspects).


We strongly recommend conducting some user research in advance (like user interviews, analytics reports), especially if your team members are not in contact with the users of your product on a daily basis.

It is useful for the workshop facilitator to have some knowledge on User-Centered Design and User Experience in general and the persona method in particular.


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