Treasure Quest 🌊⛵️🌊 Retrospective


Welcome aboard The Agile Treasure Quest, a retrospective voyage of a crew on the high seas with storms, hidden rocks and the promise of untold treasure. Tailored for teams who have experienced a laid-back, easy-going sprint, or for those who enjoy a good sailor's tale.

The crew story will take us to a shark check-in, then we will review all aspects of the last sprint, and then move on to discuss actions to improve for the next adventures. Finally, we will share stories about the treasures we found.

AHOY, enjoy!!!


Joaquín Lorente Loza image
Joaquín Lorente Loza
Product Owner@ Novatec
I'm a passionate professional with experience in diverse roles, from backend or mobile development to specialisation in rare languages like Gosu. I've been an anti-fraud analyst for an insurance company, or managed the needs of a big company for the whole APAC region. Now I am working as Product Owner for a wonderful company in Granada. My path is versatile and my future is yet to be discovered! 🚀
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