Time Spent, Time Invested, Time Wasted Retro


Are your team always saying how busy they are?

Here's a simple retrospective that gets your team critically evaluating priorities and time management.

This retrospective puts the 'ownership' for change in the hands of the team. Here's why:

- If someone told you that you're wasting time on tasks, you would likely defend your position (it's just our nature)

- But if someone asks you where you think you could better invest your time or eliminate wasted time, you'll probably come up with a great list of ideas

As human beings, we want to progress. We are smart, capable, and intuitive - we just need the right environment to self-reflect and the encouragement to take action.

Credit for the idea: Agile Avengers


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Marija Cekus
Scrum Master, SAFe RTE, PMI-ACP@P3 Group
Scrum master/Technical writer experienced in telecommunications, software development and finance, with technical education. Loves exciting projects and all things technical. Special interest in blockchain technology in general and Proof of Capacity in particular.
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