SUX - The Sustainable UX Design Toolkit


Welcome to the Sustainable UX Toolkit!

We have prepared a toolkit to help you explore the Sustainable Development Goals as a (UX) designer. We hope it will help you find new ways and methods to bring more sustainable action to your work.

This toolkit was created in 2021 for the co-creation sessions of the Sustainable UX Manifesto community (SUX).

This toolkit offers a methodical framework Can Know, Can Do & Should Do, and is used to find ways to integrate sustainable values into the work of UX designers.

The approach of this toolkit is to focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to make a contribution as a designer.

Who is this toolkit for?

The SUX Toolkit is for every design team or community who want to develop ways, ideas, and solutions to act more sustainably in their day-to-day work.


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Sustainable UX Design
Design Community
We are a non-profit design community and work together to develop new solutions for an ethical and sustainable UX design profession.
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