The six phases of a retrospective


This board provides the missing answer to all already existing retrospective boards in Miroverse. In Miroverse you can find a lot of building blocks for a good and creative retrospective. This board tries to pull them all together, so that you can make the most from on going community input on Miroverse.

Most facilitators, agile coaches or scrum masters will have heard of the five phases of a retrospective. This board, as you have already read, consists of six phases:

  • Setting the Stage/ Check-In

  • Inspecting last retro's action Items (Many forget this phase quite often)

  • Gathering data

  • Gain insights

  • Find & Define experiments

  • Check-Out

I do believe a retrospective is a very important element in any teams' or organisations' development portfolio, similarly, it is not as trivial as it seems to conduct a retrospective.



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Vincent Schnor
Organisational Consultant & Agile Coach@Netzwerkknoten
I love designing Miro boards. I love conceptualising workshops, and the delivering them with an engaging group of individuals.

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