Choose a random straw Icebreaker

The Icebreaker Template - Choose a random straw is a low complex icebreaker that doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge about a Miro board from the facilitator and the participants.

It additionally gives the facilitator the chance to pre-select and randomize the options for a particular group himself/herself. Therefore, no hard or unsuitable questions will be chosen by the participants.

Just choose the number of straws - one per participant is advised. Cover them all up. Lock all objects, except the straws, and then have fun with the icebreaker. Obviously, you could also let one participant choose a straw for someone else or just one straw that everyone has to answer - those variations are up to you as the facilitator.


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Vincent Schnor
Organisational Consultant & Agile Coach@Netzwerkknoten
I love designing Miro boards. I love conceptualising workshops, and the delivering them with an engaging group of individuals.

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