Finding Waldo Icebreaker


Template Description:

  • This icebreaker can be used before starting different sessions such as design sprints, brainstorming, follow-up meetings among others.

  • The game rules are simple:

Grab a circle and start looking for waldo.

Once you find waldo just drop the circle on top of waldo.

  • I'm using this template to create awareness of the importance of details especially for UX, R&D, and Sales Teams.

  • This is my 2nd version of the template, according to the audience, I change the picture to increase the complexity.

  • The time frame for the activity can go from 5~10 minutes.


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Christopher Saavedra
Terminal Design Manager
Co-Creating value with colleagues worldwide and customers by identifying the right level of Eco-efficiency and Automation for Container & Intermodal Terminals
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