Character Mix & Match Icebreaker


The Character Mix & Match is a fun, energizing and creative icebreaker that allows people to create their own character from a library of character components (Head, Body, Facial Hair, Accessories, and Eye Wear)

When to use the Character Mix & Match Icebreaker?

This Icebreaker works perfectly at the start of a workshop when the team doesn't know each other yet. In that case, you can also combine this icebreaker with a round of introductions.

How does the Character Mix & Match work?

The template is designed to be easy to use and can be used without much preparation. Here are the steps, that you should keep in mind:

  1. Explain the icebreaker. Explain that the idea of the icebreaker is that everyone creates their own character. Let them know, that there are no limits to creativity. They can try to recreate themselves, or just create a fictional character.

  2. Show how it's done. Save yourself the long talk and just show how it's done. Create yourself a character, while showing the participants how they can duplicate the character elements and drag them together.

  3. Give participants time. Give all of the participants time to create their own character. From experience, 4-6 minutes is a good time frame. While the participants are on it, lookout for people who have trouble with the duplication or overlapping layers.


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