Connection in Remote Working


Remote working, distributed teams and hybrid organisations are challenged by the lack of connectivity that we get by sharing a physical space together. The connective tissues that help us collaborate in the physical space aren't lost - but benefit from some dedicated focus.

Story.Me cards developed by the Remote Agility Framework are designed to empower workers to connect with each other. Story.Me cards have been used as icebreakers for workshops, to help people onboarding to a new team learn about who their working with and as a foundation for discussing team agreements.

The Story.Me cards provide four dimensions for workers and event participants to express themselves through. "Home me" helps people to share their home life and who they care about. "Work me" allows a space to share professional achievements, skills and roles. "Fun me" is for showing what participants do for leisure or where they'd like to spend their vacations. Lastly "Identify me" where people can share personality traits and other information about themselves.


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Remote Agility Framework
Remote and digital business practices framework.
The Remote Agility Framework is a modular and extensible set of techniques that helps organisations at all levels unlock the benefits or remote, distributed and hybrid working.

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