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MuSCoW Prioritization

Developed by Dai Clegg, it derives its name MuSCoW method from the four categories: Must-have, Should-have, Could-have, and Won't have. It is especially useful when a team has quite high time constraints, but can also be used if other constraints apply.

Before you use this method it is important that the team is aligned on a couple of points:

  • The objective of the upcoming session needs to be understood by everyone.

  • The factors that can influence the prioritization session should be discussed.

  • The process of resolving disputes should be clarified for everyone before one comes up.

  • Lastly, the allocation ratio for the four categories should be clear to everyone that is involved.


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Vincent Schnor
Organisational Consultant & Agile Coach@Netzwerkknoten
I love designing Miro boards. I love conceptualising workshops, and the delivering them with an engaging group of individuals.

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