The Meeting Canvas



The meeting canvas is a template that helps teams run more effective meetings by making sure all voices are heard, and all opinions and viewpoints are considered. Not only the loudest voice will define the outcome.


1. Start by agreeing on the AGENDA, GOAL, and the FACILITATOR role (and, if needed, other roles)

2. GATHER OPINIONS: Make a round-robin to hear all voices about your specific meeting topic

Every person shares in 1 min an opinion about the meeting topic

The facilitator takes care that every person talks about it during max 1 min

While one person talks, everyone listens and the facilitator takes notes

3. Define what problem needs to be solved. Frame it as a question: How might we...?

4. IDEATION: Take 5 minutes to work individually: Each person writes in silence minimum 5 ideas on the specific topic.

5. DECIDE: Each person gets 3 red dots. Decide which ideas you want to implement based on: most impact and least effort

Place your dots simultaneously on the sticky notes (any sticky note) accordingly to your choice. If you want all votes to go to one idea, it's also allowed.


This template can be used by any team or any group of people that want to find a solution for an issue they all care about. The advantage is that everyone is equal, and hierarchy or experience does not influence the outcome of the decision-making process.


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