The Innovation Journey


This is a template for creating innovative ideas that tell stories

If your innovation can tell a story, it can unfold its true potential. Make your service, your product, your innovation the magic tool of your story (USPs) and ask yourself early on who your heroes (target group) are, what tasks they have to master (user problems) and how a new world can look like thanks to your idea (reasons to believe).

Use this canvas to constantly update your story while developing your solution. This way you (a.) always have your customer as a hero in the focus of your innovation process and (b.) can always tell a story that convinces investors, the press as well as – of course – potential customers.

And most important: Have fun along the way!


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Adrian Ewecker
Director Product@Orbit Ventures GmbH
Enthusiastic for finding new services and products. Experienced in empowering teams and founding startups.
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