The Complete Naming Mega-Workshop


What it is:

The Outfly naming workshop is designed to help you and your team find the perfect name for your new brand, product, business, team, mission or, well - anything. The workshop is split into sections to help you use the ones that work for you when you need them. These sections are: Understanding, Ideation, Iteration, Refinement and Decisions. 

Pro tip: These exercises also work for just about any kind of creative ideation. Who knew!

The whole workshop would take a design team around 2-3 days to build out if done properly. Luckily, you don't always have to do it properly.

What we've tried to do is give you all the tools we use to generate and iterate, then decide on our creative ideas, so you can use them yourselves.

We're nice like that, y'see.


  • By the end of the workshop, you should:

  • Have generated a metric shit ton of ideas

  • Rejected them

  • Gotten depressed

  • Become re-inspired

  • Found a few names you love

  • Realised they're all taken

  • Combined and iterated all your old ideas

  • Found something truly original

  • Decided on it

  • Officially won at life


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