Company Vision Workshop


The Outfly vision day workshop is designed to help your team reset, come together and decide where you're going. It helps build buy-in from team members by giving them control over the direction of the company, and connecting it directly with their goals.

Every company is different. This framework is designed to give you a flexible starting point, and to help your workshop flow as well as it can. Depending on the size of your company you may want to do this workshop on a team by team basis. If you do this, we'd recommend the department heads bring the results of these workshops together to form a master strategy.

By the end of the workshop, you should know:

  • Where you stand as a company

  • Who everyone on the team is

  • Their strengths and backgrounds

  • What they really want

  • What your company USP is

  • What your company vision is

  • What your company mission is

  • What your company purpose is

  • A game plan for how to achieve this.


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