Karate Brain 🥋🧠


Deep within the Dojo of the Mind 🧠- a battle is arising.

When sparring with multiple ideas, the way of the "Karate Brain" Canvas is the only way out!

🥋Together with your team of up to 7 ninjas in less than 30 minutes, you will fight through vague ideas until you end up with a perfected outcome.

When do you use Karate Brain?

After ideation, you will end up with multiple vague ideas or concepts.

The Karate Brain Canvas helps you with improving and perfecting the new possible solutions.

How does Karate Brain work?

Preparation: Every participant picks a row and adds their name to the circle in front of the picked row.

How it works: the process works in 6 steps:

Step 1: Pick one of your Ideation Session ideas and write it in the first column on your row. 5 min

Step 2: Add something that you think is valuable to the existing idea on the current row you are working in. 3 min

Step 3: Merge the two cards from Step 1 & step 2 and write them so the next person can understand. 3 min

Step 4: Kill it: In the red card of Step 4 on your row, write why the idea on the previous card wouldn't work. 3 min

Step 5: Repair it by explaining how we can tackle the red card. 3 min

Step 6: Perfect it by writing the perfect description of this idea. 5 mint


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