The Impact Business Canvas


Why use an Impact Business Canvas?

Social responsibility is what 98% of consumers expect from companies, a study shows. The Impact Business Canvas is a simple tool that helps entrepreneurs to integrate sustainable and social strategies into their business model.

It is suitable for redesigning existing companies and initiating new ones, with a focus on people and the planet.

Consisting of three parts, the Impact Business Canvas will inspire everyone to start a business that serves a higher purpose and not just a financial goal. It encourages new perspectives and serves as a roadmap towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

How to use it:

• If you work in a team: Duplicate the worksheet so that each member can work on their own workspace.

• Fill in all sections in the Impact Business Canvas, starting with your Sustainable Values.

• When everyone is ready, meet with your team and engage in an open discussion to develop a shared understanding of your organization's impact strategy.

Have fun with creating a better future for everyone!


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Impact Ideas is on a mission to transform the economy. We develop tools and workshops to help start-ups become a force for change and a sustainable future. Our Ideation Cards and Canvases encourage Systems Thinking and Futures Thinking in co-creative and fun ways.

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