The Design Sprint Canvas


The Design Sprint Canvas gives a quick overview of key Design Sprint outputs.

It helps the facilitator keep a helicopter view of the Sprint progress. And it's a quick and easy way to share the results of the Sprint with stakeholders. Ultimately, the canvas is your Design Sprint snapshot.

Ordered key segments make it easy to follow the progression and connections between the key elements of the Design Sprint. The canvas helps the facilitator to ensure the quality and coherence of the Sprint outputs.

Common Design Sprint mistakes that the Design Sprint Canvas helps to avoid:

  • Missing challenge statement

  • Missing target customer(s)

  • The Long-term Goal is too abstract and is more like a vision

  • Sprint Questions do not contain explicit/implicit assumptions relevant to the Long-term Goal

  • Solutions do not follow Sprint Questions

  • Missing next steps


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Ruslan Komjakov
User Experience Consultant, Facilitator
I help organizations innovate by employing user-centric design methods and bridging business, technology, and design.

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