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Business Design Canvases

The Business design canvases is a set of tools to help you work through a business problem in a sprint-like manner. It will help you articulate your business challenge, highlight opportunities for change, the potential barriers, and create a plan to deliver.

The canvases are flexible and customizable to your business need, helping you bring together multidisciplinary teams to create better solutions. Each canvas will help your team ask the right questions using methods grounded in design thinking.

There are seven canvases in total:

  1. Defining the objectives - To create a shared understanding of the challenge you’re trying to solve

  2. Understanding the opportunity - To gather knowledge from inside and outside the business that highlights areas of opportunity

  3. Listening to users - To plan lean user research to validate assumptions you have on your user’s pains and needs

  4. Making a promise - To define your value proposition, what value will we create and how do you plan to deliver it to users

  5. Co-creating Solutions - To frame user problems as opportunities and generate solutions quickly

  6. Identity failure moments - To help you think about the future of your solutions, what could do wrong? And how should we design recovery moments?

  7. Delivering value - To plan a user-centric MVP and decide what we should do now, next and in the future


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