The Capability Comb Team Workshop


The Capability Comb is a model for people to think about and share how they describe their unique capability profile. It starts to break out of the box that a job description puts them in, and allows people to talk about what they excel in and how they want to portray themselves.

Using the Capability Comb team workshhop at a team kickoff or reset to help build empathy and find opportunities for collaboration. This workshop is brilliant for understanding the shape of your team, blurring the edges of roles, and creating one team.

The Capability Comb is based on three concepts

  1. We all have unique skills and capabilities, some of which are outside of our job titles.

  2. Teams work best with they have a shared responsibility for their outcomes and collaborate towards them.

  3. Many of us want to learn things that are not in our job description.

About this board

Use this board as a team to discuss how each of you describes your unique capability profiles. Allow people to share what they excel in and find opportunities to collaborate.


  1. Introduce the Capability Comb

  2. Describe your capabilities

  3. Share your capabilities

  4. Find collaboration opportunities


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Emily Webber
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