Team Onion workshop


The Team Onion is a model to keep teams small, break down silos and create shared responsibility across team boundaries.

It helps to break down silos, surface assumptions, build empathy and facilitate meaningful conversations about the capabilities, time commitment, collaboration and communication patterns needed for teams to be successful.

About this board

This collaborative workshop helps walk people through this lightweight yet powerful visualisation tool, map out your Team Onion and prioritise your communication and collaboration.

At the end of this workshop or series of workshops, you will have the first version of your Team Onion and a plan to put it into action.


  1. Introduce the Team Onion

  2. Build your onion by mapping out the layers

  3. Prioritising your engagement Agree on who you need to talk to next and what you need to say

  4. Create actions and owners: agree on who will do what and when you will revisit your Team Onion

Some examples of when to use this template are

  • Building a new team from scratch to get the right people involved

  • At a team kick-off to create communication and collaboration patterns

  • At a team retrospective to review your relationships outside of your core team

  • Starting a new engagement to building a picture of who’s who

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