The Blockchain Canvas


This is no secret for anyone, Blockchain has become a social buzz. Banks, companies, institutions, startups … none escaped the Blockchain tsunami that has been raging for more than 5 years.

But instead of trying to put Blockchain everywhere without really understanding it, which will end up in you wasting time and resources, I offer you another way of doing things. It starts by asking yourself a simple question: “Is Blockchain relevant to my use case?”

The Blockchain Canvas is a tool that will help you find the answers you seek by asking you the right questions.

It will help you structure your thoughts and identify the aspects of your project that require more research. It is designed for non-technical people, but can be used to produce technical specifications as well.

Here is what you can expect from the Blockchain Canvas:

  1. Filling the canvas can help you validate or improve your idea .

  2. You can use what you produced here to create the Documentation of your project (for your website or GitHub) .

  3. You can use it as a preliminary project design, from there you can even write a full white paper .

  4. You can use it as an effective way to lay out a proposal (if you are applying for a grant or hiring a team) .

  5. You can use it to seek the service of software developers (e.g. blueprint) .

  6. You can also use it to present your project in a single slide, in a pitch deck (for a conference, for investors) or in a poster .

Before you start, I will give you 3 advices:

  1. Understand what is the purpose blockchain and decentralized tech before using it .

  2. Start from the use case, not from the tech.

  3. Understand the pros and most importantly the cons of using a blockchain .

Alright! You are ready to pursue your Blockchain journey.


Sajida Zouarhi image
Sajida Zouarhi
Blockchain Architect and Tech Consultant
Sajida Zouarhi is a worldwide Blockchain expert, she was nominated in Forbes Women 2019 for her work as a blockchain architect and as an educator. She created the Blockchain Canvas.

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