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Internet of Things (IoT) Design Kit

This board introduces the essential parts of the IoT Design Kit. The kit consists of several Internet of Things idea generation and definition tools created to support multidisciplinary teams in the early phases of an IoT product design process.

On this board you will find an example case, which guides you through only a few of the components the full design kit holds. The full IoT Design Kit contains several modular tools, which can be used together in a longer process or used as separate activities during an ongoing process.

At Studio Dott we use this board to facilitate educational workshops about the IoT Design Kit with diverse teams ranging from student design teams to corporate executives.

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Dries De Roeck image
Dries De Roeck
Design Researcher@Studio Dott
With a background in industrial design, Dries constantly switches between academic research and design practice. He has a strong interest in how technology impacts and gets adopted in the day to day life of people.

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