Technological Disruption Alchemy


Technological Disruption Alchemy (TDA) is one of the Spectral Thinking tools developed to quickly catch up with technological trends and brainstorm new disruptive ideas on the frontier of modern possibilities.

TDA has two major stages:

  1. Context Retrospection and Prospection. You restore the past and future landscapes based on existing knowledge (history and foresight). Like what was on the hype? What did work and what didn't?

  2. The Alchemy. It is an exploration of possible combinations across three groups of ingredients:

    1. The prospective technologies that you brainstormed during Stage 1.

    2. The niche technologies that are the foundation of your business today.

    3. The magic technologies that do not exist today or are not scalable today.

In this template, we are also exploring the assistive power of LLMs, particularly the Miro AI feature. In the BLACK frames, I prepared templates with mind maps to generate ideas and even play with Alchemist recipes!


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Constantin Kichinsky
Founder & Lead Reseacher@Spectral Thinking Team
We explore the future of humanity, develop the Spectral Thinking methodology, and create tools for explorers like us.
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