Tech Stack Canvas


A brief summary of our product's technical stack. Similar to other canvases, it provides a systematic approach to create, document, and communicate the underlying technology used in your product. This way, stakeholders can get a clear picture of how different technologies interact to make the product function.

The Tech Stack Canvas helps you keep everything organized and transparent. For an in-depth understanding, please visit the website:


Joerg M. image
Joerg M.
Principal Consultant@INNOQ
Joerg is experienced in the software industry, with a notable 25+ years of work under his belt. His career spans consulting, crafting software products, and managing teams. His core expertise lies in software architecture and DevOps, and he uses this knowledge to guide startups and corporate ventures in building products and approaching the market. Beyond his work, Joerg is active in community building: he organizes and speaks at user groups and conferences.
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