Thumbs Down-OMeter Retrospective


You can use this template as a health check point for the team.

There are a few areas in teamwork that typically have room for improvement. This retrospective allows the team to interactively review them by collecting “thumbs downs” to see in which area we are performing worst.

  1. The team is presented with a few rough areas that are very important for successful teamwork (you don’t have to take all of them and can add other things):

  2. “Many of these area´s are pretty broad - on purpose. Simply interpret them as you like. You are now asked to give feedback on them by reacting through a “thumbs down” 

  3. Prioritization: Every team member has 3 dots to vote. Put your dots where you think you have room for improvement. It will help us to evaluate these area’s”.

  4. You are getting zero “thumbs downs”? That is great! Write this down and let team members explain why they are not seeing any problems.

  5. Discussion: Discuss the areas that have the most votes. Do you want to put down an action item? 

  6. Action items: Name a specific person who is responsible for that action item. Don´t put down more than 3 action items - focus on quality instead of quantity

  7. ROTI: Time to get some feedback from the team members about the session


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