Team Readiness Review


Rather than follow a fixed, deterministic roadmap, autonomous Agile teams work toward a strategy and constantly reassess their position and progress. This template guides you and your team through a workshop that reveals how aligned and equipped the team is to navigate an emerging landscape.

Who should use the Team Readiness Review?

The Team Readiness Review is best for Agile teams working in an environment that allows them the freedom to work autonomously. These teams are looking to increase their ability to respond to change and be effective in their environment.

Why should you do the Team Readiness Review?

The Team Readiness Review helps answer the question, "Is this team able to effectively notice and exploit emerging opportunities?"

A Squad Health Check is a good option if you're looking for a way to:

  • Help the team understand what capabilities and resources are required to function autonomously effectively.

  • Reveal how internally aligned team members are around key dimensions.

  • Identify the most significant gaps holding the team back from being more effectively able to respond to change.

  • Give leaders clear guidance on how they can support the team.


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