Squad Health Check


The Squad Health Check model was originally developed at Spotify by Henrik Kniberg & Kristian Lindwall and published in 2014 under a creative commons license. The Squad Health Check template is a Miro version of their original model for teams to visualize and improve their current situation using different perspectives not typically considered in standard team health monitors or retrospectives.

Why should you do a Squad Health Check?

The Squad Health Check helps answer the questions: "Is this team healthy?" And "Is this team improving?"

A Squad Health Check is a good option if you're looking for a way to:

  • Track a team's health across various dimensions over time and how they're trending.

  • See what teams are struggling and who might need help across a portfolio.

  • Easily customize a health check by integrating dimensions specific to your context.

  • Experiment with something different for your next retrospective.

  • Find new areas for improvement to bring into your team's next retrospective.

  • Understand not just a team's productivity but also if people feel happy and fulfilled in their team.


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