Lean Waste Retrospective


This retrospective template introduces Lean manufacturing's eight forms of waste and helps teams visually express how each type affects their work. Running this retrospective is a great way to start discussing waste and to highlight what's getting in the way of your team's goals.

It's recommended that this retrospective activity is facilitated by someone experienced with Lean manufacturing concepts, including: Waste, necessary waste, pure waste, unevenness, and overburdening.

What are the goals of the retrospective?

  • Introduce the eight forms of Lean waste

  • Reveal how much waste exists in a team's process

  • Identify possible actions to eliminate waste

Who's it for?

  • Teams working in software development, project management or marketing

  • Teams wanting to go faster and be more effective

  • Teams wanting to improve their quality and productivity

  • Teams looking for something different for their next retrospective


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