FlowStorming Workshop


The FlowStorming Workshop template introduces and guides you through a process for value stream modelling and improvement.

Outcomes of a FlowStorming Workshop

  • Reveal points of misunderstanding, confusion, frustration by visualizing and modelling a team's entire value stream

  • Improve collaboration and reduce coordination costs by making handoffs to other teams explicit

  • Draw attention to activities that help or hinder delivering value to customers.

  • Understand the cost that specialists have on your value stream's performance

  • Target improvement efforts where they make the biggest impact

How does it work?

The FlowStorming Workshop is useful for creating a shared understanding of your team's value stream and improving how you work.

After getting an introduction to FlowStorming, the template guides you through the following steps:

  1. Brainstorming of all the activities your team members do

  2. Creating a consolidated timeline

  3. Identifying pivotal events and workflow stages

  4. Adding details including specialists, external teams, and dependencies

  5. Adding hot spots where things aren't working and opportunities for improvement

  6. Swarming on problems


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Malcolm Bastien
Agile Coach
Experienced agile coach sharing interactive Miro templates to promote collaborative ways of working for software development teams. Passionate about improving workflows and helping teams have better meetings through visualization and interactive tools.
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