Service Maturity Mapping


Service Maturity Mapping is a collaborative exercise that provides a clear picture between a service and its customers. It helps to connect the customers of a service, their needs, and how well each of those needs are being met. It then examines what capabilities are required by the service in order to support those needs and how mature each capability is.

Who should use Service Maturity Mapping?

Service Maturity Mapping can benefit anyone responsible for delivering a service. This can include support teams, software development teams, or project management teams.

How does it work?

A Service Maturity Mapping workshop is best when facilitated in a small group and includes those responsible for delivering a service to customers. It's a structured flow that guides users through the activities of:

  1. Identifying your service's customers

  2. Identifying your customers' needs and expectations

  3. Scoring how well a service is meeting customer needs

  4. Understanding the capability chains required for meeting customer needs

  5. Mapping the maturity level of a service's capabilities.


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