Team Building

Team Line

Use the "Team Line" to understand and reshape team dynamics

This template brings a systemic coaching method online to get the conversation on team dynamics going.

It requires an experienced facilitator, who should not be a part of the team, to guide through the process.


  • get familiar with the board and customize the agenda in the "GET STARTED" Frame to your needs.

  • customize the questions in the "INDIVIDUAL NOTES"

  • make sure to lock/unlock as needed


  • make sure your role as impartial facilitator is established and guide the participants through the session. Be sensible to the participants' experiences.

  • have the participants take turns in telleing their individual team history, answering the individual questions. It should only be one person speaking while the others listen.

  • You as a facilitator might ask for clarification when needed and mind the timing depending on your agenda. Allow for at least 5mins per story.

  • After the teamline, allow for a debrief before you move on. The "FUTURE TEAM AGENDA" frame is a good addition to the process in our experience, but very much optional.



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Gerlow & Kühl is a Leipzig\Germany based consultancy focusing on team development and innovation. We help organizations and teams understand their dynamics and tap into their full potential. Combining new work methodology and systemic a coaching approach, we create safe and open spaces for discussion & collaboration.

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