Strategy & Planning

Fast Decision Making


  1. Provide the agenda ahead of time to allow the team to generate their fantastic idea and ensure everyone is clear about the goal.

  2. Have your ideas ready before hand. Think of ways to break down your ideas into 1 sentence with less than 3 bullets points.

  3. Time allocation can be modified to suit your context.

  4. Create an inclusive environment to support everyone to participate.

  5. Having fun is mandatory.


  1. Insert group's name and goal.

  2. Appoint a time keeper.

  3. Each team member to input their idea(s).

  4. Read through and understand team mates idea(s).

  5. Everybody has 2 votes for their top 2 favourite ideas.

  6. You should have your results, if not, shift the ideas to the contenders section.

  7. Each team member now has only 1 vote for their favourite idea, you maybe also have short discussion here.

  8. Commit to the group's decision.


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