System Mapping Toolkit


The System Mapping Toolkit is a free, collaborative guide to help you make sense of complex challenges and to uncover opportunities for systemic change. It is designed for everyone who works with and within complex systems. The toolkit guides you through the most important steps of framing, mapping and reflecting on complex challenges. Along the journey, the toolkit gives you helpful background information to learn about systems thinking, its approach, and its unique language.

How to use this Toolkit?

This toolkit provides you with three levels of information.


The templates help you and your team with targeted questions and tasks to navigate you through the mapping process step by step.

Background Information

Below each template, you find a section for more in-depth information about the tasks, the process and systems thinking in general.


Finally, you find an example to give you a better idea of how each of the process steps could look like in action.


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System Mapping Academy
Gian Wieck & Fabian Gampp
We are are team of design and systems thinking experts, passionate about developing methods, tools and programs to support you in embracing complexity. Our work includes training, process consulting, and learning material development.
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