Silent Retrospective


What is a Silent Retrospective?

A silent retrospective has only one rule - no one is allowed to speak. Instead, collaboration is done by following a very simple process (more on that below).

Who is The Silent Retrospective for?

You, of course :)

How to run The Silent Retrospective?

In this template, I've added a quick check-in / check-out activity. Team members add their name to a sticky note and align it to their current energy level on the battery.

A quick ice breaker activity is included, to allow the facilitator to crowdsource the playlist for the retrospective.

In the Reflections section, the process is very simple:

  • Write down problems that need solving

  • Write down any questions or provide suggestions

  • Write down any known actions to resolve the problem

Each step is timeboxed, and no one is allowed to move onto the next step until the current one is completed by everyone.


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Paul Snedden
Agile Coach
G'day, I'm Paul from the country where it's always tomorrow. You'd know it as Australia. I'm an Agile Coach, helping teams think differently to solve problems. I'm also a big believer in making work fun - one great way of doing that is by mixing up the normal drudgery of meetings. The templates I create here can be used to bring alignment and collaboration, but in fun ways using games, themes, movies, music. If you think it, you can do it.
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