Agile Wheel 2.0 - Roda Ágil ® 2.0 | UNIAGIL


The Agile Wheel is a dynamic, collaborative tool designed to facilitate retrospective sessions and assess key agility indicators with your team. Rooted in the 4 principles of Modern Agile, it covers 20 areas of agile maturity and can be customized to fit your needs.

This valuable facilitation resource is recommended for assessments every 3 months to help teams continuously improve.


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Ana G. Soares
Founder and CEO of UNIAGIL. Creator of the course with LACP certification - Lean Agile Coach Professional, the first Official Certification aimed at training Agilist in the world. Kanban Trainer, already trained more than 10,000 people in Agile Methods at UNIAGIL. Creator of the Agile Wheel, a tool that revolutionized the way of doing assessments on Agility in teams and creator of the Agile Transformation Wheel and Agilist Wheel.
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