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Scalability & Growth

This template helps you map out the scalability and potential growth areas of your product or idea. It's focused on how you can meet your customer needs over time rather than feeling you need to deliver a gold-plated solution upfront. Using this template you will be able to show what your MVP will be, what needs it meets and how it can grow over time.

This activity looks at the scalability and growth potential of a concept or idea. It focuses on the the long term vision of the concept and how it will grow and scale over time.

Three aspects are looked at

  1. Customer Needs

  2. Features

  3. Scalability

On the chart map out how each of the elements will evolve overtime, in the Now, Next and Future iterations of the concept. Think about what your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), what customer needs are you addressing with your MVP, what are the core features required, and where will you pilot the concept. Consider your competitors response to the concept, how will we stay ahead of the competition

  1. Customer Needs – What are the core customer needs of your target customers and where is the roadmap will these customer needs be addressed

  2. Features – What are the key features of your concept that will address the customer needs of the now, next and future iterations

  3. Scalability – How scalable is your concept at each of the phases and what size of market / customers will you be addressing at each of the phases. For your MVP (now) what is a sensible pilot size to prove the concept. Are there any other areas that the concept could be taken into?


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