Project Planning


Here are three separate templates in one board, we wanted to include all three in one submission as we feel they work together to create a great start to a project.

At Sense Worldwide we thrive with ambiguity - no two projects are the same. This is why we use these templates, it allows us to adapt and change for any scenario.

All the below information + Additional context can be found in the Board:


This is a template designed for internal kick off's with the whole team to undertake at the start of a new project. This is not designed to create the entire project workflow, but instead to make sure we can hit the ground running.

Who: The core team who will be working on the project.

When: At the very start but after the team has been given time to familiarise with the core material.

How: Work through the questions as a team making sure to add any applicable questions as you move along. After completing take the information from Roles & Responsibility and Key Actions to create a project timeline in your preferred software (We use Google Sheets).


This is a template designed for external kick off's where the client is involved as well as the core project team.

At Sense Worldwide we are all about dealing with ambiguity, this template is designed to be adapted to any type of project, allowing you to add in/remove applicable questions for the conversation.

Who: This should be a selection of those in the core project team (Max 2-3 ) as well as those external stakeholders that will be involved (Such as the client team).

When: To be done after the Internal Team Kick-Off and should be closer to the start of a project.

How: Pre-populate the 'Have we heard you correctly?' section with a collection of ‘how might we's’ that reframe the challenge. Add in any applicable questions to the other areas. Take the client through each piece using the questions to guide the conversation but not control it.


This is an internal weekly meeting template. Use this at the start of the week to ensure there is full team alignment on what needs to be done this week, how we can improve, and who is doing what.

Who: This should be the internal core team only

When: To be repeated every Monday & Friday to ensure each week runs smoothly.

How: On a Monday Before the meeting, the team should all individually consider each question and then come together to share their personal objectives for each space. What are we shipping - This is all about the activities that need to be completed this week, whether internal or external.

What can we scale - This is all about scaling up activities, how can we improve, what can we be doing better?

Who can offer support - This is all about the individuals in the team, it's an opportunity to say if you need support and for others to offer it. On a Friday the team should review the board to ensure all pieces have been complete, and if not create a plan to get them done.


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