Rollercoaster 🎢 Retrospective


Spend a day together in an amusement park with your team!

This Retrospective template will guide you through the amusement park. During the roller coaster ride, you'll recognize parallels to the last sprint, and at the souvenir stand, you can wrap up your adventure. A short check-in helps all participants to get familiar with the topic, and we learn something new about each other.

Afterwards, first insights are recorded by finding suiting amusement park metaphors related to the past Sprint.

During the roller coaster ride, we become aware of the highs, lows, and twists of the sprint. Afterwards, we note action items and our findings and discuss how we can use them directly in the next Sprint. We end the retrospective at the souvenir stand.

This retrospective is best suited for teams that are already more experienced with Miro and lasts 60-120 minutes, depending on team size.


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