Retrospective VICE VERSA


Inspired by Pixar's VICE VERSA, this retrospective is perfectly suited to teleworking teams wishing to inspect the way they work and gain efficiency.

Participants describe it as very dynamic, fun and effective.

JOY, SADNESS, FEAR, ANGER and DISGUST accompany the team in 5 workshops to help them build a SMART action plan in a good mood.

Set the stage

This is the time to welcome the participants, introduce them to the characters, align them on the mindset to be adopted in the retrospective, and take everyone's emotional temperature and give everyone a voice

Gather data

This is the moment to recall what has happened since the last retrospective or since the beginning of the period under discussion. This step allows you to retrieve all the useful data for the future and to position them on top of the timeline if they are positive and below if they are not.

Generate insights

This is the time to come up with ideas that we can then turn into SMART action. As COLERE says, all ideas are good, so let's not be afraid to submit them

Decide what to do

This is the time to write down really actionable items and commit to them. This step is easier when all the previous steps have been completed.

Close retro

We end here with a management 3.0 tool (Happiness Door) that combines the happiness index and the feedback door. This little game allows you to thank the participants for their work and to ask them for their feedback before leaving.


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Guillaume Lerouge
Agile/Lean coach, trainer and facilitator
I help organisations, teams and individuals to see project and product management differently and help and encourage them to adopt new reflexes to tame uncertainty, adapt to change, collaborate more effectively and continuously improve.
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