Good, Bad, Ideas, Action, Kudos Retrospective


This template includes detailed facilitation tips to run a collaborative 1h Team Retrospective session, most suited for teams with 4 to 6 members.

This is an adjusted version of the Good, Bad, Ideas, Action Retrospective, that is commonly used after completing a sprint, a project or a bigger phase / release. It's a great way for the team to reflect and discuss some things that went well, as well as what didn’t go quite so well. By including a Kudos sections it puts emphasis on acknowledging the team mates efforts. Like every productive retrospective, this template includes a section for generating new ideas and actions for the team to use in the future.

By using this Miro template, anyone in your company can master running a Team Retrospective in a matter of minutes, and provide a delightful remote experience for their team.


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