Retrospective for Large Team


How can Retrospectives in large teams still make sense?

We have been looking for a retrospective format that still fits with larger teams (25+ persons) and started to experiment.

The template may feel comfortable if you are used to doing retrospectives. It starts with an energizer and has areas to list, group, and vote for items. It continues with an area for creative work during breakout sessions and a solution presentation space.

In the end, action items can be placed, and feedback can be gathered.


Stephan Fogarascher is an Agile Coach at Meondi GmbH. About MEONDI: We at Meondi encourage agile passion and technological innovation. We believe in the power of openess, transparency, appreciation and collaboration as an anchor point for digital corporate cultures. We have diverse experiences and personalities. And this is what we want to show here.

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