Retrospective - Chinese New Year


Here's to having fun in our retrospective sessions but also being professional and working on improvements. From my perspective, there's no 'one-board-fits-all' so feel free to adjust the text/board adjusted to your teams need. 

This is a retrospective board where you're able to touch upon:

  • Iteration check-in/mood as an icebreaker.

  • Lucky: What went well this iteration?

  • Unlucky: What didn't go well this iteration?

  • Luck to bring: What kind of luck would you like to bring into the next iteration or going forward?

  • Action items: What kind of improvements should the team prioritize going forward?

  • Red envelope space: Wish your team good luck or give someone feedback (luck) 

The timeboxing for this session depends on the team size, but I'd prefer 50-90 minutes ish. 

Tips! While your team is writing the notes, make sure to play some instrumental Chinese music in the background.  "


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