Retrospective - Stress and Recharge (Health)


Here's to a less stressful and healthy iteration!

You don't want any individual in the team that is working while feeling stressed, exhausted, sad, down or anything similar. Your team health is the most important key for delivering an awesome product.

This is a retrospective board where the team can touch upon:

  • Mood check-in

  • Zweet and zenful iteration (Not so stressful iteration? What did you do this iteration that made you feel less stressed?)

  • Not so zenful iteration (Were you stressed this iteration? What was it that made you feel stressed?)

  • Zen to bring (Things that I'm gonna start doing when I'm feeling stressed)

  • Individual improvements to feel less stressed (What can we do individually to handle stress going forward?)

I created this board with the text adjusted to my team and their needs. I felt that we had a super stressed iteration and wanted to discuss about it in a retrospective session and talk about how we can go forward in a less stressful way.

Tips! While your team is writing the notes, make sure to play some relaxing music in the background. šŸ™‚


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