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Retrospective - A Fruity Iteration

Here's to a fruity iteration retrospective and for having fun while working on improvements. From my perspective, there's no 'one-board-fits-all' so feel free to adjust the text/board adjusted to your teams need.

This is a retrospective board where the team can to touch upon:

  • Starter: Which fruit basket did you get this iteration and why?

  • Cherry: Things that were a cherry on top this iteration and that are here to stay

  • Bananas: Things that went bananas and that we don't want to bring into the next iteration

  • Strawberry: Things that are sweet like strawberries and that we want to bring into the next iteration

  • Future fruit basket: Action items to bring into the next iteration or going forward

Tips! While your team is writing the notes, make sure to play some instrumental music in the background. (My fave is lo-fi) :)


Nhi Tran image
Nhi Tran
Scrum Master@Nets Group
Currently working as a Scrum Master where my biggest focus is the individuals in the team. We're working in a remotely universe and I'm always trying to find new ways to motivate the team in a fun way. To build amazing software we need a motivated and a well-being team, and creating fun retrospectives where we mix fun but also important work is one way for me to do it.

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