Remote Usability Study


Gain valuable insights and prioritize iterations

With the goal of uncovering problems, identifying opportunities and learning more about our users, usability testing is a critical component to ensuring your product efficiently meets the needs of its target audience. In order to turn those findings into actionable improvements, this board is designed to standardize and organize testing observations as well as provide a space for the team to conduct feedback analysis workshops.

Starting with the participant interviews, the first set of workspaces are designed for you and your team to document participant feedback. Simply have your observation team access the board during live sessions (can alternatively also review recordings as a group or individual) and add their notes in the "fill-in-the-blank" ready, prepopulated sticky notes. Largest benefit here being everyone's notes residing in one location.

Once the participant interviews are all finished up, its time for the workshop portion. The remaining workspaces are great for gathering your observation team (and/or any combination of the project's designers, devs, and stakeholders) to organize the captured feedback, identify patterns, and best yet, turn those patterns into actionable items. All ready to add to your product's backlog.

A longer winded version of the process can also be found in the board note area. 😉


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Michael Strobel
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Michael Strobel is a digital product designer with 10+ years’ experience conceptualizing and crafting beautifully functional solutions across a range of industries.
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