Usability Testing


Providing a great user experience is a fundamental requirement in modern product development. To reach that requirement, appropriate research methods need to be applied throughout the design process. At Syncier we use digital tools like Miro to support and facilitate our research activities. We created this board to always have a handy tool at hand to structure and analyze our research findings and make them visible to everyone on the team. Its modular design allows for easy adjustment according to the size of your test group.

How to use it?

  1. Prepare the board according to the number of test persons you plan to observe. You can also add more modules later.

  2. Write down the different steps of your testing procedure. You can add screenshots of key screens for each step for more clarity.

  3. Before each testing session, color code the name tags on the post-its.

  4. After all testing sessions are over, use the affinity mapping boards to summarize the feedback, and to identify patterns.


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