RACI Matrix for Project Management


RACI matrix for responsibility assignment

Hello there, it is BEsmart team! Today we've visualized a handy, well-known matrix for team role assignment which is called RACI. At the stage of setting up and discussing the project with the team, it will allow you to distribute tasks and roles clearly. It will also prevent situations in which too many people are engaged in one task and too few in another, or some areas of responsibility slacken.

RACI is an acronym that encompasses four roles:

1) responsible — the one who directly carries out the task;

2) accountable — someone who accepts the job and is responsible for the outcome;

3) consulted — someone who provides advice;

4) informed — someone who is aware of the decisions being made and the progress of the task.

Sometimes it can also include some additional roles like support and verifier: you can check them all inside and use the extended version you need for your project.

Use it wisely to increase the efficiency of your team! Hope it helps :)


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